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One simple form in 15 minutes will save 50+ hours of research & data entry time!
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Are you ready to have your resume and profile be seen by over one million recruiters and employers? Resume Agent will manually submit your profile and resume to 30 of the top job sites available today. To do this yourself requires a tremendous amount of time, research and data entry work. By using this service we will save you over 20 hours of your blah time; Time that can be better spent interviewing for your new job.

Why use Resume Distribution?

It's Fast!

Spend fifteen minutes filling out one form and will post your resume and profile information into 30 of the leading job sites. Why waste the time to research through 1,000 + job sites to figure out which sites to post to and wasting time spending 20 to 30 minutes posting to each individual site. We can save you over 40 hours of research and data entry time.

It's Easy!

Spend less than 15 minutes with one form and you are on your way to having your resume and profile posted to 30 job sites all from the convenience of your computer.

It's Complete!

We have already completed all the research on which sites to post to and what information is need to register at each individual site. All the required information is asked in our simple form. We then take that and register you at all 30 sites just as if you had did it yourself.

It's Affordable!

What is 40 to 50 hours of your time worth? If you make $10 per hour it's worth $400 to $500. Our Resume Submit service is only $39.95. By spending this small amount you can do more important things with your time like answering employer's and recruiter's phone calls and emails.

I still have Questions!

1. Use our contact form to send your questions to team.
2. Call us! Toll-Free: 800-343-7862