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Automating resume distribution via email directly to our 12,000 + targeted recruiters. ResumeAgent utilizes an advanced recruiter database that automates the email delivery of your resume and profile directly to the recruiters inbox.

Why use Email Broadcast?

It's Fast!

There are thousands of recruiters waiting to receive your profile directly in their email inbox. Why waste the time to research through 10,000 + recruiters to figure out which ones specialize in your industry and then email each one individually. Order now and within an hour your resume and profile is sent out to our targeted recruiters.

It's Easy!

Spend less than 15 minutes with one form and you are on your way to having your resume and profile in front of your targeted recruiters and employers all from the convenience of your computer.

It's Complete!

Each recruiter and employer is asked a series of qualifying questions to make sure that your resume and profile is emailed to those who are looking to hire idividuals with your background. This is extremely important. The recruiters do not want to waste their time reviewing people who do not match positions they are working on. We offer a targeted distribution by industry, geography, years experience, compensation and relocation preference.

It's Affordable!

Depending on the number of recruiters you match, the Email Broadcast service typically is less than 5 cents per recruiter. Now you can do more important things with your time like answering recruiters emails.

I still have Questions!

1. Use our contact form to send your questions to team.
2. Call us! Toll-Free: 800-343-7862